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The conference topics cover all aspects of synthesis, characterization and applications of functional nanostructured materials and will be divided into three main sessions:

  • nanostructured biomaterials,
  • nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage,
  • synthesis and applications of nanomaterials.



Nanostructured biomaterials session will be devoted to various nanomaterials (e.g., polymers, ceramics, metals) that may be used for that matter, requirements they must meet, and problems that may be encountered with their use. An approach from different fields of science - chemistry, engineering, and medicine to the design, characterization, modification, and use of nanoscaled biomaterials will be discussed.

A particular emphasis will be put on the electrochemically-synthesized biomaterials as well as electrochemical tools used for the assessment of their properties.



The nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage session will be devoted to the recent progress in the synthesis, modification, and characterization of nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage. It includes but is not limited to fundamental and applied studies on novel functional materials that can be used in photoelectrochemical and electrochemical energy conversion, fuel cells, as well as energy storage systems, like batteries and supercapacitors. 



Synthesis and applications of nanomaterials session will be dedicated to the recent progress on all aspects related to functional nanomaterials, including methods of their synthesis, characterization, and possible applications. 

A special sub-session will be devoted to all electrochemical aspects connected with nanomaterials, including electrochemical methods used for nanofabrication, electrochemical techniques employed for characterization of nanostructured materials, as well as applications of nanomaterials in electrochemistry.



From zero to hero! Workshop on scientific writing and publishing for early-career researchers

During the workshop, we will try to cover two major aspects of scientific writing and publishing, i.e. manuscript preparation and submission. The workshop will be divided into two parts:

1. I have my results, now what? 
We will try to perform an experiment (!) and turn it into the draft of a manuscript. I’ll try to share with you tips and suggestions, that will improve your chances of having your submission accepted in a reputable journal.
We will discuss how to optimize your chances of success (e.g. by journal choice).

2. World of scientific publishing - understanding the publication process
We will go through the steps a scientific publication goes through at the scientific journal.
We will discuss the publish-or-perish syndrome as well as the responsibility of the author, the editor, and the reviewers.



Practical aspects of electrochemical techniques used in various types of experiments












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